Friday, November 19, 2010

A Rain Garden from the Ground Up (or the Gutter Down)

Betty and Bob Manne are creating a rain garden from the ground up -- or the gutter down -- at the home they have built on Savannah Trail in Hilton Head Plantation. Betty, a Clemson Master Gardener, and Bob, Chairman of the Hilton Head PSD Commission, have plumbed the home's gutters into a rain garden at the exterior of the home. Rain will flow from the gutters into two buried pipes that then distribute water into the rain garden using diffusers. Betty now is in the process of planning the planting. Check back with The Liquid Letter to watch the rain garden grow!
In the meantime, learn more about planting your own Lowcountry Rain Garden at

Site of the Manne's rain garden on Savannah Trail. One of the diffusers is visible in the lower-right corner.

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