Monday, November 22, 2010

Wetlands tour: It's all about the Reclaimed Water

The PSD sponsored a Hilton Head Lifelong Learning class and field trip to the Whooping Crane Pond Conservancy in Hilton Head Plantation, which was led by environmental scientist and author Todd Ballantine. The Whooping Crane wetland is a key part of the PSD's Reclaimed Water program, which annually recycles nearly 1 billion gallons of wastewater for reuse as golf course irrigation and wetlands nourishment.

The above photo of a Cottonmouth snake was taken on the field trip, which took place Nov. 20. Ballantine calls the Cottonmouth a "charter member" of the wetlands and said its presence is proof that the Reclaimed Water program is working to sustain a thriving ecology in Whooping Crane.

In the photo above, Ballantine, center, discusses Reclaimed Water's role in the wetlands during a stop on the Whooping Crane boardwalk, which winds through the wetlands.

To learn more about the PSD's Reclaimed Water program, visit:

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