Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Flushing wipes a bad idea

The PSD is asking for your help in preventing costly damage to the public sewer system and potentially to your plumbing. Cleaning wipes used to wipe down toilets and bathrooms, as well as those used to dust floors, are turning up in the public sewer system and are causing damage to the pumps used to move wastewater through the PSD’s sewer system. The problem is that wipes do not break down quickly enough, causing jams and resulting in repairs that cost the utility and its customers. Additionally, these wipes can potentially build up in your sewer line on your property, causing sewage to back up into your home or business.

So-called “flushable wipes” for personal hygiene also can be problematic. A recent Consumer Reports review showed that these wipes were resistant to breaking down after being flushed, leading Consumer Reports to recommend that such wipes not be flushed. The best practice is to treat personal hygiene wipes as you would soiled disposal diapers and discard them in a wastebasket.
Check out this video by Consumer Reports that shows the problem with flushing wipes:

 Consumer Reports on Flushable Wipes

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